Currently trading in buying and selling of the below Petro-chemical and Industrial chemical, kindly contact us for your specific request that is stated on the list.

Petrochemical Rubbers & additives Industrial chemical Oleochemicals
Trimethylolpropane BR Stannous Oxide Tearic Acid
Neopentyl Glycol) NBR Sodium Sulfite Flakes Caprylic Capric Acid
Pentaerithritol EPDM Ammonium Benzoate Palmitic Acid
Diacetone Alcohol BHT Magnesium Acetate Fatty Alcohol
Titanium Dioxide Carbon Black Sodium Bicarbonate Castor Oil
Polyethylene Wax Silane Coupling agent Aluminum Hydroxide Hydroxysteari
Petroleum resin SBS Aluminum Oxide Lauric Acid
Epichlorohydrin Diphenyl Guanidine Succinic Acid Myristic Acid
Epoxy resin Accelerator Sodium Hydrosulphide Lanoline
Methyl Methacrylate Tackirol Sodium Acetate Lanolin Alcohol
Methacyl Acid) Magnesium Oxide Formic Acid Soap Noodles/Chips
TDI 80/20 SNBR Sodium Formate Ethylene Bis Stearumide
Melamine Natural Gum Rubber Caustic Potash Distilled Palm Kernel Fatty Acid
Polyisobutylene White Carbon Caustic Soda Distilled Palm Oil Fatty Acid
Polyvinyl Alcohol Zinc Oxide
Hydroquinone Zinc Stearate
Resorcinol adhesive,
Tetra-N-Butyl Titanate
Maleic Anhydride
DL-Malic Acid
Pthalic Anhydride