Frozen Foods (Fish, Meat & Sea foods)

Marbee Trading Co is supplier of frozen fruit and vegetables products, poultry, Wholesale Wilde and Farm Fish Seafood Products, Frozen beef, Goat, Sheep and Pork meat products We provide a wide variety of frozen foods from Asia, Europe, and North America With more than 60 years’ experience in the industry
 we have built up a reliable network. We are specialized in both wholesale and distribution of frozen foods our products certified by International Standard Organizations Our main customers are importers and buyers in the following food sectors:
 Industry, Wholesale and Foodservice & Retail. We deliver our poultry products to
- Africa,
- Asia,
- Caribbean,
- Middle East, and North America
We deliver in quantities that suit your business, from a single pallet to a full container load (FCL). In short, we ship worldwide to any por

Fruit & Vegetables Poultry Products Sea Food Products Meat Products
Spring Rolls Turkey breast fillets Kingfish Beef Forequarter
Brussels Sprouts Turkey legs Hake Beef Striploin
Onions Turkey Offal Barracuda Beef Flank
Brocolli Turkey Offal Butterfish Beef Hindquater
Cauliflower Turkey wings Trevally BeefC Shin- Shank
Green Peas Whole Turkey Herring Beef Offals
Green Beans Hen breast fillets Croaker Veal feet
Corn kernels Hen legs Yellow croaker Veal tripes
Spinach Hen offal Mackerel Veal head meat
Carrots Hen wings Atlantic H. mackerel Goat 6 way cut
Paprika Whole hen Pangasius Goat cubes
Tomatoes Chicken b.fillets Tilapia Mutton 6 way cut
Pepper Chicken legs & Paws Black tilapia Mutton legs
Mix vegetables Chicken offal Red Tilapia Pork carcass
Mushroom Chicken wings Catfish Pork collar
Whole chicken Milkfish Pork chops
Duck breast fillets Green shell mussel Pork loin
Duck legs Shrimps Pork riblet
Duck offal Octopus Pork shoulder ham
Duck wings Crabs Pork cooked ham
Whole duck Prawns Pork spareribs
Roasted Duck Lobster Pork leg
Pork belly
Pork head
Pork front feet
Pork hind feet
Pork offals
Pork bacon
Pork sausages
Pork gammon
Injected pork meat


Label: Private Label
Origin: Europe | Asia (China) & North America
Spec: Frozen
Freezing process: (IQF) Individually Quick Frozen & BQF Bulk quick Frozen
Packaging: Standard packaging or As per Customer Request